The first shipment of your subscription is done daily : all orders confirmed until 22 pm are delivered the next day (working day). A subscription entitles you to one box per calendar month (3, 5 or 8 shipments as orded).

Note: Outside of the first shipment, the boxes are sent on 7th of every month. If the delivery of the first box of your subscription is made after the 20th of the current month, this package is supposed to be the one of the next month to prevent you from receiving two packages in a very short period of time. For example: an order for a subscription "Discovery" of three months is carried out on March 23. The 3 shipments will take place for the first shipment on March 24, for the second shipment May 7th and for the third on June 7.

The following shipments of your subscription:
Preparation of monthly shipments is made from the 7th of each month (except January and August from the 20th) and during 3 days maximum (working day).



The deposit of the ordered parcels is done daily with our service providers who are responsible for delivery. All orders placed until 22 pm  is are filed the next (working) day.
Then our service providers (Mondial Relay or DPD) are responsible for the delivery of your packages.

(Working days)

Delivery Belgium - France - Luxembourg
At "Points Relay" : 24 to 48 h
At home: 5 days

Delivery other countries
Depending on the country of destination: from 2 to 5 days