The initiators of the project

At the initiative of the sales platform, Marie-Emilie Vryghem (15 years experience in sales & marketing) and Francois Sepulchre (25 years of professional experience in business management) wish to help you to discover the best of the Belgian beers that are the hallmark of Belgium abroad.

As Belgian and beer drinkers, drinking Belgian beer for us it is not a passing fad but a lifestyle we practice long ago.



The family roots of "La Belgique une fois"

The father of Marie-Emilie Vryghem, Jacques Vryghem has dedicated his entire professional life to the Ateliers Emile Molinet in Tienen. He was the nephew of the founder. The Ateliers Emile Molinet was the leading Belgian manufacturer of flow equipment for breweries and beer pumps. Hundreds of cafes in Belgium were equipped with a Molinet installation. The family Vryghem lived in Hoegaarden, another famous name in the world of Belgian beers. As an aperitif, the Blanche de Hoegaarden was the norm and during family meals table beers was served. "Drink, it is they who make us live" was accustomed to add to Jacques Vryghem at table.


The great grandfather of Francois Sepulchre, Charles Sepulchre, was the brewer at the brewery Malihoux in Havelange (Namur region). It was a family affair as he worked with his brother Paul and his cousin Joseph and Albert. 

You should know that during the last century, there were many breweries in Belgium. In 1910, there were more than 3300 breweries farms officially in Belgium.

Image de la brasserie


At the site of the brewery of Malihoux, there is now a gourmet restaurant "Petit Criel". In the restaurant there is a collection of bottles of the time of the ancient brewery. Like many, the brewery Malihoux ceased all its activities during the last century.

Image de la bière