The products available on this site are reserved for sale to persons over the age of 18 years.

Preliminary points

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all commercial transactions involving products offered by BLC Services Belgium sprl through its website. The mere fact of ordering from the BLC Services Belgium sprl website implies acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions set out below.

In completing and submitting the order form, the customer acknowledges that he/she has read and unreservedly accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Submission of the order implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Protection of minors

The sale of alcohol to minors under 18 years is prohibited. Anyone ordering products on this site must be 18 years or older, and is required to confirm that this is the case in order to submit the order.

If you have any questions about these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, 
contact us by email at or by phone on 00 32 495 36 50 49.

1. Definitions

The terms used in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and on the website should be understood as follows:
1.1 BLC: the website of the company BLC Services Belgium sprl on which the Products are presented and sold to customers.
1.2 Customer: any legally competent natural person or legal entity that places an order and purchases a Product through the BLC website.
1.3 Recipient: the person specified by the customer as the person to whom the order should be sent.

1.4 Order: a request by the customer for the conclusion of a sales contract between him-/herself and BLC for a product offered by BLC.
1.5 Product identity card: all information relating to a Product offered for sale on the website of BLC (texts, photographs, graphics etc.).
1.6 Product: any item sold by BLC on its website.
1.7 Transaction: all operations, secure processing, authorisations and agreements associated with payment for the ordered products by bank card or any other virtual transaction method mentioned on the site.

2. Object

BLC sells online subscriptions under which the customer receives a selection of Belgian beers.
The customer visits the website of his/her own free will and, by filling the basket, places an order for the products that he/she has freely chosen by browsing the site (Article 3). The purchased products are paid for online using one of the solutions mentioned on the site (Article 8). BLC confirms the order with an automatic email summarising the order, and the products are sent to the customer within a specified time (Article 4).

3. Order

3.1 All information provided by the customer when inputting the order shall be binding on the customer. BLC accepts no liability for any mistakes made by the customer with regard to the contact details of the order’s recipient (either in the delivery address or in the billing address), or for any delivery delays or failure to deliver the products as a result of such mistakes.

3.2 The data recorded in the automatic registration systems shall be conclusive as to the nature, content and date of the order and all transactions performed.

3.3. The customer shall execute the order in 4 steps. Once the sale has been made, BLC shall confirm the order by sending an automatic email listing the complete order to the email address provided by the customer. The sale is not concluded until receipt of payment.

3.4 If the requested product is not or is no longer immediately available, BLC shall inform the customer and communicate the delivery date for the product by email. If the new delivery date is unsuitable for the customer, he/she may request the cancellation of the order.

3.5 Only persons who are legally competent and at least 18 years old may place an order on our website.

3.6 In general and without being required to provide any justification, BLC reserves the right to suspend confirmation or to refuse or cancel the order in the following cases: the communication of inaccurate data; problems with payment for the order; a dispute over failure to pay for a previous order; refusal of authorisation from the customer’s bank or financial institution; or an order for an unusually large number of products. This list is not exhaustive.

3.7 The final invoice for the paid order shall be included in the case.

3.8 The recipient of the order undertakes not to resell any or all of the products ordered in this way.

4. Delivery

4.1 The delivery costs shall be borne in full by BLC. After confirmation of the order and receipt of payment by the body responsible for the transaction, BLC undertakes to dispatch the products ordered by the customer to the delivery address mentioned in the order as soon as possible.

4.2. The monthly cases shall be made up within three working days of the seventh of the month. We shall then dispatch from our warehouse to our service provider Mondial Relay, which is responsible for delivery to the recipient.

4.2 Deliveries shall be made by a carrier chosen by BLC: the company MONDIAL RELAY. Once it has left BLC’s warehouse, the case shall be delivered within 48 hours. The customer shall be informed by text message and email of the arrival of his/her case at the chosen collection point.

4.3 The case shall be kept for the recipient to collect at the MONDIAL RELAY (Points Relais®) collection point indicated at the time of ordering. The recipient shall be notified by text message and email that his/her order is ready for collection. He/she shall have a period of 14 calendar days to take receipt of the order at his/her collection point. In the event that the order is not collected by the recipient within the indicated time, it shall be returned to BLC and the recipient shall be notified by email. The customer may request that the order be redelivered, but shall pay for all associated carriage costs.

4.4 On receipt of the case, the recipient of the order must check the condition of the delivered product. In the event that one or more ordered cases are missing, damaged or different from what was ordered, the recipient must immediately report the problem to his/her Points Relais® contact person at the time of receipt of the case(s).

4.5 BLC shall cover the cost of any damage or loss. If the case received does not correspond to the purchased product(s) or if it is damaged, the customer may have the situation rectified. The customer shall take a photo of the damaged or non-compliant case and send it to BLC at the email address together with his/her contact details, within 24 hours of receipt at the collection point. Depending on the customer's wishes, BLC shall send out a new case at its own expense within 30 days of the customer’s request. However, BLC reserves the right to refuse to do this if the case was damaged by the recipient of the order.

4.6 Delivery times are the responsibility of the carrier, which has undertaken to adhere to them. They shall apply under normal service conditions, but cannot take account of exceptional events such as, though not limited to, natural disasters, truck drivers’ strikes or blockades, which prevent or delay delivery. If the deadlines are not met, BLC shall not be liable for delivery delays and shall accept no claims for compensation or requests for the cancellation of the order by the customer.

5. Right of cancellation

5.1 ‘The consumer shall have a period of 14 days to exercise his/her right of cancellation without being required to provide justifications or incurring any penalties, except, where applicable, the cost of return. The consumer may exceed this deadline if he/she is unable to travel and/or simultaneously needs to use an immediate service which is essential to the maintenance of his/her living conditions. In these circumstances, he/she shall retain the right of cancellation without being required to provide justifications or incurring any penalties. The time period mentioned in the foregoing paragraph shall run from the receipt of the goods or the acceptance of the offer of services.’ Article L. 121-20 of the consumer code.

5.2 ‘When the right of cancellation is exercised, the trader shall be required to refund to the consumer the total amount paid as soon as possible, and no later than thirty days after the date on which the right was exercised. In addition, the amount due shall, as of right, be subject to interest at the statutory rate. This refund may be made by any payment method. On the trader’s proposal, however, the consumer who has exercised his/her right of cancellation may opt for another payment method.’ Article L. 121-20-1 of the consumer code.

5.3 The customer shall return the case to BLC for exchange or refund within 14 calendar days of the date of receipt of the purchased products. The bottles shall be returned unopened and in their undamaged original packaging with a copy of the invoice. Transport and return charges shall be payable by the customer. The case shall be returned at the customer’s responsibility to the following address: BLC Services Belgium sprl, Vieux Chemin de Nivelles, 124, 1400 Braine-le-Château, Belgium

5.4 If the products are returned to BLC in accordance with the specified conditions and deadlines, BLC shall refund the sums paid by the customer.

6. Price

6.1 The prices indicated on the website and in the confirmation note sent by email after receipt of the order are final prices in euros (€), stated inclusive of all taxes, VAT and excise duties, transport and packaging costs and deposits on the bottles.

6.2 All prices are stated inclusive of VAT. VAT is payable by all non-taxable persons residing or having their registered office in a European Union country.

6.3 BLC also reserves the right to change its prices at any time without having to provide any justification in advance. However, the prices stated on the final invoice are based on the price list applicable at the time of the order, and the price charged to the customer may not be changed after the validation of his/her order.

7. Deposit

7.1 Some products sold on this site are subject to a bottle deposit. The amount of the deposit is included in the total sale price.

7.2 Refunds shall not be paid by BLC on the return of empty bottles to BLC by the customer.

8. Payment

8.1 The order must be paid for in cash by one of the methods mentioned on the website on the day on which the order is placed. Protection is provided against both fraudulent use of the means of payment used in the transaction, due in particular to data piracy, and against any disputes regarding payment of the order price. Under its policy for combating payment fraud, BLC reserves the right to conduct any investigations necessary before confirming an order. If such proceedings are initiated, the confirmation of the order shall be suspended. If the order has not been confirmed within 15 days, the order shall be cancelled and the payment refunded.

8.2 The order validated by the customer shall not be effective until the secured bank payment centre has authorised the execution of the transaction. Should the bank payment centre refuse authorisation, the order shall be automatically cancelled and the customer informed by email.

9. Liability

9.1 BLC accepts no liability whatsoever for damage of any kind that caused by the improper or excessive use of the products ordered by the customer.

9.2 BLC’s liability shall likewise not be engaged for any changes to the products (composition, packaging, etc.) introduced by the manufacturers thereof.

9.3 BLC’s liability shall in any case be limited to the amount of the order.

10. Personal data

10.1 The collection of personal data for distance selling purposes is essential for the processing and delivery of orders. If information is missing, the order shall not be confirmed.

10.2 The processing of personal information relating to customers has been declared to the Commission on the Protection of Privacy under registration number VT005047704.

10.3 BLC complies with the law relating to the processing of personal data. Under the law, the customer has the right to inspect, correct and delete personal data relating to him/her.

10.4 BLC undertakes never to disclose or communicate the data collected from its customers to third parties.

11. Intellectual property

The texts, layouts, illustrations and other materials on the BLC website are protected in general by the principles of intellectual property law. The contents of the BLC website may not be copied. They may not be altered or placed on another website, or published in any form whatsoever without the prior written permission of BLC. This website may also contain texts, illustrations and other material protected by third-party copyright. BLC grants no authorisation whatsoever to use its own intellectual property or that of third parties.

12. Disputes and applicable law

In the event of any difficulties in the implementation of this contract, the customer and BLC reserve the right to seek an amicable solution before taking any legal action.

These General Terms and Conditions are written in French. All documents defining contractual relationships with customers shall be written in French. The application of these General Terms and Conditions is governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with Belgian law.