Brewery De Koninck open again for visitors

Since September 1, the Belgian brewery De Koninck in Antwerp reopened its visitor center.

For three years, the brewery has conducted large-scale works in its buildings located along the Mechelsesteenweg and in which the De Koninck beers are brewed since 1833. The Koninck Brewery is known for the iconic "Bolleke" a light amber beer, drunk in all of Antwerp cafes.

The new center houses among others an interactive exhibition that reviews the history of the brewery through the centuries and beer in Belgium. But the emphasis is also placed on the other sights of the city of Antwerp as its port and its diamond industry.

Entry fee € 12 max. Visit lasts an hour. Possibility of tasting.

Brewery De Koninck brews several delicious special Belgian beers: Bolleke, amber beer, the Triple Wild Antwerp and Jo.