Why a beer box ?

Beauty, fashion, cooking, wine tasting, for women, men and children, a lot of different box are sold online. The principle ? An online subscription contract that allows the user to receive a monthly box containing multiple products selected in the theme he has chosen. This is the beauty industry that launched the concept in 2010 in the United States. Then fashion has crossed the Atlantic.

Why was the box concept successfull ?

While buying online, the customer can not touch the product. And it is this need that initially met the box; personalized discovery experience that allows consumers to try before to buy. He can then buy the products that he would not necessarily have known without the received box.
And soon came the desire to surprise yourself : a monthly box full of surprises. On the other hand, as people do not have much time for shopping, they buy priority products to which they are accustomed. The boxes are used to receive products that we would not have thought to buy. The success of the beauty box brought other players in the market. Today some 200 boxes are available in the market.

The belgian beer Box

The concept of the box of  "La Belgique une fois" responds primarily to the need to discover new flavors and new Belgian beers. Have fun and above all be guided to discover the Belgian beer universe (Discovery subscription) or to expand his knowledge and taste new beers (Tradition subscription).
A beer box still has one drawback: the cost of transportation. Beer is heavy and bulky. Two parameters that negatively influence the cost of transportation. Above this there are two complementary concerns : taxes and how to carry a fragile product. For this we have developed a special carton box specifically for the transport of our bottles of Belgian beers. Our transportation partner required a packing that can fall three times on the ground without bad consequences for the content !! A short film of the test is also to be seen on Youtube. For taxes and excise duties, it is also very strict. Therefore for the delivery of our box of Belgian beers in France, we work with a tax representative who guarantees our French customers the security that there will be no surprises at the reception of their box of beers.
The discovery of  the Belgian beers and some new flavors, it is the objective of our box. There are over 1,000 beers in Belgium and more than 180 local breweries. How to buy their assortment without traveling miles ? The subscription of "La Belgique une fois" addresses these concerns.
Why a box of Belgian beers? to be guided and taste the wonderfull world of Belgian beer.