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No country has as many beers as Belgium.

Belgian abbey beers, Trappist beers, special Belgian beers, breweries, craft beer ... the list of the best Belgian beers is long, how to choose the best one ?

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The abbey of Orval, the flagship of Belgian beers makes a call to vocations!

The abbey of Orval, the flagship of Belgian beers makes a call to vocations!

The Orval Trappist monks are calling for vocations to continue the tradition of their beers, Belgian TV says !

Belgium has six beers...

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Brewery De Koninck open again for visitors

Brewery De Koninck open again for visitors

Since September 1, the Belgian brewery De Koninck in Antwerp reopened its visitor center.

For three years, the brewery has conducted large-scale works in its buildings located along the M...

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New address in Brussels to taste the best Belgian craft beers

New address in Brussels to taste the best Belgian craft beers

A new very interesting address to enjoy craft beers: Le Barboteur, avenue Louis Bertrand 23 à 1030 Schaerbeek

It is a "Biérothèque" as they say, le barboteu...

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